Interview with The New Indian Express in Bangalore- September 2014

Funny Man Pal Leaves City With Laughter Aches

BANGALORE: In Bangalore for the finale of his extremely successful comedy show, The World Wants to Know, funnyman Anuvab Pal takes on the quirks of the Indians in the nation and the world with equal ease.

The comedian was in town for his successful comedy show, The World Wants to Know
At first glance he looks like your average middle-aged Bengali man next door, but behind this unassuming appearance lies a man with spectacular sense of humour who dons several hats depending on the time of day. He is a novelist, a playwright, a screenwriter, a columnist for newspapers and magazines and one of the early Indian stand-up comedians who has taken his modern, upper-middle class humour to the world stage.

Pal and his producer, city-based comedian and writer Ajit Saldanha staged the latest version of the original show, The Nation Wants to Know, in the city on Thursday and Friday.

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For, COMIC SANS If you think Xi is difficult to pronounce, try saying Ahmadinejad And then, there’s Shinzou Abe.

By now, everybody knows that Doordarshan fired a newscaster last week for referring to the Chinese President Xi Jinping as Eleven Jinping. The country was shocked. Mainly because no one knew Doordarshan still had newscasters.

Logically, no reason why they shouldn’t be there. They’ve continued through Indira Gandhi, Rajiv, past Manmohan Singh, into our current premiership, in some parallel universe while we watched Arnab Goswami build himself a Roman circus. However, they’ve done away with the idea that anyone is watching. And when you do away with the idea that television is for watching, you can say anything really.

Perhaps the newscaster is right. There could indeed be ten other Mr Jinpings in China and surely that would suggest an eleventh one. Or indeed one in a sequence of thousands of Jinpings, of which His Excellency could indeed be the 11th, the fourth or the 54231st Jinping. Some complained that the error was not big enough to warrant a firing. It should be noted that had this error being committed in President Xi’s country, the firing would also be followed by the minor matter of being sentenced to death.
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For The Economic Times – on Modi’s visit to New York

Will PM Narendra Modi get an encore at New York City’s Madison Square Garden?
Sep 18, 2014, 04.00AM IST

By Anuvab Pal

Our Prime Minister is going to America. The main man, the top boss, the Everest of leaders, the NaMo. He’s taking with him the — um, where are we exactly? — let’s see.

He’s taking with him the We were once going to be a superpower in 2007 with 8 per cent growth and huge optimism, but we messed it up with corruption and auditing and stuff, but are back again now and, yes, we’re a difficult place to do business with retroactive tax and random mad laws, BUT you love us anyway because where else will you get a sitting domestic market of a billion consumers, oh, and our entrepreneurs know better now, and, oh, oh, and we’ve got him now, the NaMo, and we love him, so we’re back and watch out again China India.

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