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How to sell a hotel from jail and other tips
Things that might be especially useful to a person who needs to raise money for bail.
Anuvab Pal · 11 hours ago

A lot of things have happened at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Arguably the world’s best known hotel in the world’s best known square (5th Avenue and Central Park). Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s immortalised it. Hemingway fought over a bill at the coffee shop, Richard Burton divorced there in a suite after 11 minutes of marriage.

Diplomats, kings, world leaders, rock stars, Nobel laureates checked in and had their country’s flag put up to tell the square, New York, the world, I’ve checked in. When the Home Alone kid was lost in New York, he was lost in the Plaza Hotel first.

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Changing times: The ground beneath ur feet is shifting
24 Jul, 2014, 0428 hrs IST
The way we live now is this. You download a thing on your phone, tap it, not speak to a soul — and there’s a plane ticket to Spain, there’s a taxi outside your house.
By Anuvab Pal

The gound beneath our feet is shifting. As in not literally, although perhaps that too depending on whether you live on reclaimed land or not, but metaphorically. I don’t mean the metaphor in some vague nonsensical way where a drunk ageing Bengali uncle sits you down at a club and says, “Son, let me tell you, the world is shifting,” and then proceeds to get sozzled.

I mean, it is shifting faster than Shah Rukh Khan’s businesses turning profitable (if such a speed has even been recorded).

The best way to understand how the shift affects people is to look at my local DVD supplier. In the mid 2000s, he was a sort of Game Of Thrones King of the Seven Kingdoms kind of person — you may have to ask your child what that means — in terms of power to decide who got to rent which movie.

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When Rajnath spoke to diplomats in Hindi, no one understood, and all was well

We should welcome a time when our leaders can look Obama or Cameron in the eye and say, “Dekho boss, baat yeh hai ki…”
Anuvab Pal ·

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Economic Times – A Fortnightly column

Why Indians wait with bated breath the announcement of the annual budget
Jul 10, 2014,

By Anuvab Pal

I can’t think of another country where people await a national budget with as much excitement as a kind of special biryani they’ve been told must be eaten before a certain ageing khansama dies.

A budget, to TV watchers, is just this: a revolving (finance/railways) minister holding up a random 1980s briefcase (always reddish-beige) surrounded by smiling aides who look like they were up very late the night before finishing the 17-million-page speech.

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Deep, deep, deep inside Arun Jaitley’s budget

News channels and newspapers go running to the everyman to find out what he wants before the budget. Our new columnist wonders what good that does.

Inside India

This Week.
This Hour.
This Time.
For You’s.
The how.
The why.
The why not.
The Who

With Anuvab Pal

Many people are watching India, observing India, but how many can get inside India? Ok, anyone with a visa, that’s true, but

How many?
Maybe sixteen,
Or three people.

Real news has to be interpreted because, like water, like cotton, India matters. But does India’s 24/7 news ever ask:

India – what is it?
Where is it?
Maybe the real question is – is it?
Whatever it takes,
Whoever has to be taken,
He will take it.
Or allow himself to be kidnapped.

Every week, this stand up comedian goes deep inside India’s real issues. So very deep, into so very serious issues, that he has to fold his arms. And use the word Gravitas. Without knowing what it actually means. And the word Issues. Again. Issues facing the country. The country facing issues facing faces…of countrymen. Whatever it is, he’ll do it. He’ll ask. He’ll answer. Because even if the nation doesn’t, he wants to know. Point is, India is deep, he is deep. And he goes deep. Inside. Come inside with him. It is cold outside.

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