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Interview with The Scribbler

tS Interviews: Chatting with Funny-human Anuvab Pal
The New York Times called Anuvab Pal India’s most intelligent stand-up comic. We found out why.
Anuvab Pal is a unique voice in an Indian comedy scene that is going through somewhat of a Renaissance. While age is just a number, it’s clear that it breeds a sense of maturity and an ability to develop a more considered perspective on the everyday. He wears multiple hats as a playwright, actor, radio host and prolific writer and was kind enough to agree to a chat via e-mail. Excerpts below:
Can you tell us a little bit about how you started out as a comedian and writer?
The actual fact was I’d written some movies which the public liked and thought were funny – President Is Coming, Loins Of Punjab Presents etc. and a few Mumbai plays. A magazine, ‘Man’s World’, asked me to write an article on a British comedy club that was opening in Mumbai. Don Ward who was the owner of the club said he’d talk to me only if I did 5 minutes of stand up. That’s how this started. It was crazy. I’ve never done an interview with someone that turned into a different profession.