Interview: Talking about Disco Dancer

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 9.52.41 pmThanks to Filmi Girl for doing this interview with me about Disco Dancer.

Would you consider it a “cult classic” or is it a classic at all?

If a movie has a line that says (and Wikipedia notes this) “Come, Sing and Conquer”. How can that movie not become a classic. But it’s a classic for many reasons- for us, it was not only a Bollywood movie but in some ways the summary of an era, Disco Dancing was one part of a safari suited, fiat driving, VIP briefcase carrying nation. For foreigners, it was a great retro camp thing-silver outfits, crazy dancing, Bollywood glitter, tacky emotions. Like what Tarantino did with the GrindHouse pictures. For today’s ironic generation, it was just a very funny 70’s movie. Like Steve Carrell meets Saturday Night Live. Even today, people in Khazakistan or Japan become ecstatic when you mention this movie and they have their own moves.

I think it’s brilliant because it took all the tropes of 80’s cinema- love for the mother, poverty and integrity, villain capitalists, but applied it to dancing.

Read the whole interview here.


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