Press: The Times of India discusses mockumentaries

The Times of India put together an introduction to the mockumentary in the Indian context:

A mocumentary is usually made up of elements such as ambush interviews with unsuspecting characters, archival footage, voice-over narrative and shaky camera movement. Audiences sit glued expecting to be told ‘the great truth’ . Minutes after the film finishes, realisation dawns that what they thought was a documentary was, in fact, fiction.

A mocumentary, however, is not merely hoax cinema. And although Daniel Myrick and Eduardo SAinchez’s sensational The Blair Witch Project (1999) freaked out audiences initially, second-time viewing revealed the trickery behind the gut-wrenching suspense. Beyond the element of surprise crucial to mockdocumentaries , this eclectic blend of fact and fiction has helped filmmakers touch upon sensitive topics that are otherwise out of bounds.

According to Shohini Ghosh, a professor at the A J Kidwai Mass Communication Research Centre at Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi, “These kinds of films push the documentary filmmaker to understand that the nature of reality is elusive, that ‘truth’ is not guaranteed by form even though visible evidence, real footage and archival material are priceless at many levels.”

Read the entire piece here.


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