Procrastination: A Beginner’s Guide

As a writer of plays and films, I essentially create scenes, which means the volume of words are slim, but in brevity must lie conflict, drama and matter, or so dramatic writers are told by Aristotle downward. What this essentially means is that I spend a large part of my life staring out of my window, in need of character and worlds, at part of a coconut tree from which hangs the sign, “Sree Annapurna Printers and Stationary Pvt. Ltd”. Actually, I only get to see “…ionary Pvt. Ltd.” and the occasional coconut. Now if I was asked, is it my passion to spend most of my adult life, through the most interesting times in human history, through the fastest technical advancements of mankind, staring at part of a photocopy sign in Bandra, I’d probably say no. But all is not lost, there is also the internet that has now eased the burden of aimless staring with more meaningful ways of procrastinating my writing, like Youtube videos of midgets break dancing or brilliant links titled, “Aliens in Mizoram: The Truth” or “Revealed: The Man Who Sold His Mother for an IPad”.

Read the whole essay here.


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