Article: On India and world cinema

I wrote this for the Reuters website:

From DVD clubs to film clubs, to libraries, to specialty divisions of Indian media houses, on any night our hipsters have their choice of Turkish-German noir or Moroccan thrillers or Parisian romance. Sadly, no longer is the Max Mueller Bhavan or the Alliance places of art house film refuge.

Now, a Truffaut screening claims its place on a Wednesday afternoon next to Hrithik Roshan at Andheri Cine-Mall and demands (and often gets) an audience. We’ll try to see that trend as well and what our cinema can or can’t do at film festivals and other stages of global cinema.

There was a time when Shah Rukh Khan danced, Hrithik Roshan flew, Tom Cruise spied and Angelina Jolie swam and no one invaded the other’s fan base. This is not that time. Nor is this the time of cross-over cinema, whoever had to cross over with whatever, has already done that (Monsoon Wedding, Slumdog, Bend It Like Beckham, The Hangover, I could go on).

Read the entire article here.


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