New: The Bureaucrat

I wrote a monologue, The Bureaucrat, for One on One, a set of monologues that are being staged by Rage Productions. The Bureaucrat was directed by Kunaal Roy Kapur.
‘The Bureaucrat’, written by Anuvab Pal and directed by Kunaal Roy Kapur, depicts a government servant at three different stages of his life (played by Anand Tiwari, Neil Bhoopalam and Bugs Bhargava Krishna respectively). The play, which arcs through five decades, is a clever comment on corruption and bureaucracy in the country.

Anuvab Pal’s outright hilarious piece ‘The Bureaucrat’ examines and concurrently bursts the bubble of India Shinning through the mindful characterization of a government officer. Directed by Kunal Roy Kapoor, the role of the bureaucrat is played by three actors: Bugs Bhargava Krishna, Neil Bhoopalam and Anand Tiwari. Bugs who plays the larger chunk in the piece has impeccable timing. However his characterization is slightly weak. As a matter of fact all three actors play the same role very differently without a thread of similarity. Crisp and peppered with tongue-in-cheek humour, the piece sets the tone for the others to come.


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