Press: A profile in The Hindu

Anuvab has been typically classified as a ‘comic writer’ though he has an objection to it. “There has to be a distinction between tomfoolery and globally relevant intelligence and wit. I have written a lot of serious text as well. And even if you understand ‘The President Is Coming’, it’s hardly a joke even though it may have a humorous underlay to it.” He has to his credit the movie “Loins Of Punjab Presents” and plays such as ‘Chaos Theory’ and ‘1-800-Dial India’. “Loins Of Punjab Presents” was yet another reality theme where a New Jersey-based businessman organises a Bollywood singing contest. It went on to establish Anuvab’s name in Bollywood as well, thanks to a critical and box office success and the presence of Shabana Azmi and Ayesha Dharker.

His plays take on a more serious note. ‘Chaos Theory’ is about two Indian professors in the U.S. who talk Shakespeare and engage in verbal duels while ‘1-800-Dial India’ talks about an outsourcing business from America.

Read the entire article here.


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