Article: Muse India

I wrote about writing plays in English for Muse India. Unfortunately, the article isn’t online any more, but here’s an excerpt from it:

There are some arguments floating around regarding writing plays in English. I’ve been asked about it as have I’m sure contemporary Indian playwrights writing in English. It’s a loaded question, almost requesting an apology rather than an answer – the question being, “Why do you write in English and not an Indian language?” The sub-text here being that somehow an English play about Indians represents something in-authentic on stage, some sort of theatrical lie, that we concoct a people and a tongue and connect them through character and dialogue when no such reality exists in society. There is a sociological sub-sub text here that’s economic. It almost implies, “isn’t it bad enough that one is a member of the English speaking elite, but you go further as an artist to only work in that language?” This, of course, is the argument of a nincompoop.

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