Press: Talking comedy in Graphiti

The Telegraph’s supplement Graphiti (June 19th, 2011) did an article on stand up comedy and I’m one of the people they spoke to:

Take a look at playwright turned stand-up comedian Anuvab Pal whose foray into stand-up comedy was, as he puts it, “purely accidental”. Pal lived in the US for some years and wrote scripts of the hugely popular sitcoms Frasier and also Law & Order. Closer home he helped to raise laughs as a screenplay writer of Loins of Punjab Presents and The President is Coming.

Pal is also a playwright and the creator of plays likeChaos TheoryFatwa, and Life, Love and EBITDA. He emphasises that comedians have to move with the times and audiences. “Jokes have gone out-of-fashion and my focus is mainly on telling stories with material people can relate to. I don’t work on one-liners but my acts are laced with anecdotes,” he says.

Anuvab Pal wrote the screenplay of films like Loins of Punjab Presents and The President is Coming
Pix: Gajajnan Dudhalkar

Pal who performs regularly at The Comedy Store, which set up shop in Mumbai last year as a venue for stand-up acts, however, steers clear of performing in restaurants. “I feel it is an intrusion into their private space because people go to a restaurant to enjoy their grilled chicken and not to listen to stand-up comedy,” he says, laughing

Read the entire piece here.


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