Press: Profile in The Hindu

I was in Bangalore for a few shows and The Hindu chatted with me about stand up comedy and other stuff:

Having been deeply involved in theatre, Pal does admit that he finds it difficult to write large. “I think I tend to limit myself because I worry about the skill set that a large scale project requires. I would never be able to throw someone off a building.”

Although Anuvab had a thriving career as a scriptwriter in Los Angeles he came back to India and started work here. “I did not want to be pigeon-holed as an Indian writer abroad. Also I had things I wanted to work on. I came back when Manish Acharya and I started work on ‘Loins Of Punjab’ and then things just started working out,” says Anuvab, who is currently fascinated by the bygone generation of safari suits versus the current generation that builds farm on the Internet.

“I cannot wait to tell a story about bureaucrats. I love the idea of the corridors of Delhi and authorities siphoning off weapons to Uzbekistan.”

Read the entire piece here.


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