Eating Biriyani at Arsalan

I wrote a restaurant review — of Arsalan — for Mumbai Boss.

Everyone in India has an opinion about biryani. The American comedian Dave Chappelle, explaining what he thought of “white people”, said that they are people who could talk freely about the most personal, the most delicately embarrassing things but when it came to whom they voted for, they went, “Whoa, that’s personal”. That’s how it is for biryani here. We may not have an opinion on politics, the state of things, some of us may not have a family; we could be imprisoned, handicapped, dead, destitute, but don’t ever dare to challenge an Indian person on where to get the best biryani. The answer always is the place they know intimately, their authentic source, a chef, a mother, an iconic city restaurant, a recipe inherited, taught, stolen and theirs and theirs alone is the good proper one. Everything else is rubbish.

Read the entire review here.


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