Reviews of The Bureaucrat

This one is in

Anuvab Pal has achieved quite an extraordinary feat by getting a stellar cast together in this story weaved together with such panache. Add to that Rahul da Cunha’s expert vision who aesthetically presented the play for the audiences. The lights and sounds were very well synchronized to give the performance a very fresh look. All the actors come from ivy-league backgrounds and their chemistry with each other was uncanny. I strongly believe that the director is always the puppet-master, perhaps it is RDC’s years of experience that unfolds to the theatre-goers. The Amul girl is still a hit, for the creatives, the taglines and she has an image of a social observer. Haven’t you ever thought how a specially gifted a witty person must be?

Read the entire review here.

Mumbai Theatre Guide also carried a review, which you can read here. A snippet from it:

What The Bureaucrat sets up nicely is a view of Mr Pal’s politics. The theatre occurs within a definite perimeter of thought within which he can demonstrate his métier. He holds no prisoners when it comes to politics of a certain kind and it’s interesting to watch the unerring ebb and flow of sardonic triteness. There is a short-hand to his invective, which streams our way like a Twitter feed, without the empty headedness of the mob but feeding it nonetheless. It must be said he covers a lot of ground but there is still a finiteness to his politics, and he operates within a bubble that only occasionally allows a depth of political insight. Not that the play needs that kind of edge. That may just not be on the agenda. But political irreverence that seems a tad politically correct is a strange conundrum to be faced with.


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