Article in Newslaundry – May 24th

I wrote this for Newslaundry:

“I don’t remember much of the Eighties”, said the Hollywood producer, Joel Schumacher. “I think there were a lot of drugs, a lot of women, a lot of parties and a lot of movies that made a lot of money.” He said this in an interview on television, not in a guilty way but in a show-offy way. The interviewer laughed. American comedy legend George Carlin had the famous line, “Don’t do drugs. Or you’ll end up like me. A multi-millionaire!” Then there was Bob Dylan who when asked what inspired most of his songwriting said, “Women I’ve slept with. And narcotics. No, just narcotics.”

Anywhere in the world, drugs are a serious problem. They numb your brain, slow you down, make intelligent people morons and stupid people even more stupid. There’s an urban legend that great creativity can come only from under the influence, but that’s medically, by and large, rubbish. Statistics show that Byron would have been Byron with or without hallucinogens. So why is it that there’s still so much narcotics in the world? The answer is two words. Young people.

Last week in Mumbai, a rave party was shut down because apparently a lot of party drugs were populating the environment. Being an old boring writer, ambling through my middle class life, I don’t know much about the scene so I asked a friend who does. This was his response. …

Read the entire piece here.


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