Comedy (Life) update – December 2013

Just thought I’d put life in (parenthesis) so I could be tacky and melodramatic and say comedy is my life blah blah rubbish.

Ignore it.

Hello Mumbai people who like my comedy. And other people.

Welcome to this area of this website.

This cyber-alcove has a specific thing.


There is only information here. No jokes. Everything said here is dead serious. Very very serious. I am not smiling when writing this. You should not be when reading it.

I wanted to let you know what I’ll be doing in terms of comedy (I thought about using “comedy-wise”, but changed my mind) for 2014.

My last show of the year is this one. Christmas day – night. As in Christmas day at night …you know what I mean.

A secret-ish sort of show

In a not so secret place

Details here

It is a glimpse of my new show EMPIRE along-with some favorites from THE NATION WANTS TO KNOW.


(clever, see, that’s the only place to escalate from nation. If jobs have promotions, so can show titles)

(Also, you see how world is in bold. Yeah. That’s how I roll).

It is called that because – by now, the nation knows.

And maybe other nations want to know what we know. So we’ll talk about that.

Ok, I’ll talk. And you can sit.


11th and 12th of January at NCPA Experimental, Mumbai.

Details soon here|2014


Oh, I am also present doing things for Vir Das’s Pyjama Festival.

3 things.

A solo show on Friday, 11th Jan.

At an ominous sounding Harry Pottery sounding bar called

The While Owl. Parel.

A sports panel on Sunday, 12th Jan, at noon.


(Harsha Bhogle is on it. I will not bring up hair. I have none.).

A thing called Masterfull which features comedy masters.

And me.


Details here:

I’ve taken this pajama (pyjama- how does one spell it?) thing quite seriously and interpreted it to mean one should not travel far to work. If one is wearing such things.

That is why I am doing 3 things at NCPA on one day. 12th Jan.

One thing at Parel on 1 day. 10th Jan,

One thing at NCPA on another day. 11th Jan

Wait, I lost the logic of where I started with this. And casual nightwear.


Anyway, as I was once told by a man watching two large elephants having sex,

It is what it is.

And then I’m off till September 2014. Eating a cupcake. Pondering about the shows that ended.

Yes I ponder for 8 months. You know this by now. I am Bengali. We ponder A LOT. There is a lot to think about.

Then back with EMPIRE.

I am writing this and telling people because someone told me just now, ‘you should write this and tell people’. He also added – this is their last chance to see any bit of Nation Wants To Know.

No he didn’t. I added that.

Thank you,

Enjoy the holidays. Have “fun” whatever that means nowadays. Do not kill anyone. It reduces the fun.


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