The Hindu – on Anuvab Pal’s process

That picture in the Head


Stand-up comedian Anuvab Pal, all set to speak at The Hindu Lit for Life festival in New Delhi, says he likes to call himself a writer of drama

Try to Google Anuvab Pal and you only end up learning about his work; nothing about the man, not even a Wikipedia page.

Anuvab Pal on-stage and off it is almost two different people. He is a testament to the fact that people in the funny business aren’t necessarily cracking jokes or throwing out witty one-liners during regular conversations.

“I am not an individual who likes to be at the forefront of my work. What interests me more is how to get into a world I picture in my head and bring it alive. In fact, as an individual you might find me extremely boring,” confesses Anuvab, who likes to call himself a “writer of drama”. It is this persona of a writer that has lent itself to his versatility as a playwright, screenwriter, author, stand-up comic, columnist, formerly a business journalist and more recently, an actor.

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