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Deep, deep, deep inside Arun Jaitley’s budget

News channels and newspapers go running to the everyman to find out what he wants before the budget. Our new columnist wonders what good that does.

Inside India

This Week.
This Hour.
This Time.
For You’s.
The how.
The why.
The why not.
The Who

With Anuvab Pal

Many people are watching India, observing India, but how many can get inside India? Ok, anyone with a visa, that’s true, but

How many?
Maybe sixteen,
Or three people.

Real news has to be interpreted because, like water, like cotton, India matters. But does India’s 24/7 news ever ask:

India – what is it?
Where is it?
Maybe the real question is – is it?
Whatever it takes,
Whoever has to be taken,
He will take it.
Or allow himself to be kidnapped.

Every week, this stand up comedian goes deep inside India’s real issues. So very deep, into so very serious issues, that he has to fold his arms. And use the word Gravitas. Without knowing what it actually means. And the word Issues. Again. Issues facing the country. The country facing issues facing faces…of countrymen. Whatever it is, he’ll do it. He’ll ask. He’ll answer. Because even if the nation doesn’t, he wants to know. Point is, India is deep, he is deep. And he goes deep. Inside. Come inside with him. It is cold outside.

Read here,-deep,-deep-inside-Arun-Jaitley%27s-budget


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