Changing times: The ground beneath ur feet is shifting
24 Jul, 2014, 0428 hrs IST
The way we live now is this. You download a thing on your phone, tap it, not speak to a soul — and there’s a plane ticket to Spain, there’s a taxi outside your house.
By Anuvab Pal

The gound beneath our feet is shifting. As in not literally, although perhaps that too depending on whether you live on reclaimed land or not, but metaphorically. I don’t mean the metaphor in some vague nonsensical way where a drunk ageing Bengali uncle sits you down at a club and says, “Son, let me tell you, the world is shifting,” and then proceeds to get sozzled.

I mean, it is shifting faster than Shah Rukh Khan’s businesses turning profitable (if such a speed has even been recorded).

The best way to understand how the shift affects people is to look at my local DVD supplier. In the mid 2000s, he was a sort of Game Of Thrones King of the Seven Kingdoms kind of person — you may have to ask your child what that means — in terms of power to decide who got to rent which movie.

Read it here:


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