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On bribery. And how it is changing.

Last week, a very senior public sector bank person was accused of taking a bribe on a loan he sanctioned. Naturally, that specific accusation and the implications thereof are being investigated by rather serious-looking people who never smile at serious CBIish sort of places.

But the nature of this rather odd kind of bribe — one taken for just doing your job — has brilliant comedic possibilities. Abank should give loans. That’s why it is there. There is a person paid by an organisation just to do that. You go in and see that person and she says, “Sure I will, but it will cost you.”

Read it here.

On Mumbai real estate. And Donald Trump.

With Donald Trump’s entry, Mumbai’s unreal-estate market becomes even more surreal
His buildings are many things, shiny, golden, mirrored, like a mall in Dubai. Which is why it is a bit of a shock that it took this long for this story to come to Mumbai
“There is a man, you don’t know him, they call him The Donald,” an earnest Mumbai real-estate broker began explaining. “But I call him Donald Trump. Only because see that’s his whole name, so out of respect. He’s coming to Bombay in a way, with a bang, with such a big bang, that other builders’ buildings will just collapse – ground will shake out of fear, I’m telling you, boss. They will stop building and run away. Game over.”

read it here.,-Mumbai%27s-unreal-estate-market-becomes-even-more-surreal


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