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Gen-Next shuns oft-trodden paths, breaks new barriers
Aug 21, 2014, 05.09AM IST


(The new inheritors are clever.…)

By Anuvab Pal

“I spent 35 years building a 100 crore trucks business and you want to be a bungee jumper?”

“Dad, I don’t want to be a bungee jumper. I want to start an adventure tourism company”.

“That means what? A tour guide? You’ll take foreigners to some rock in Himachal and make them jump? You went to Harvard B School.”

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I don’t need to explain that kabaddi is currently going through a revival in India. Last time I saw it was during the black-and-white days of Doordarshan when it would be on during some socialist athletics meet (Indo Chini Archipelago Bhai Bhai Summit Games or some such nonsense) where us, the Soviets, the Chinese, some Cambodians, two Mongolians, a Bangladeshi would take part in what were called athletics events because the governments forced us to do it.

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