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On the I-Phone and its role in India

The sovereign, socialist, secular iPhone republic
A list of the things humans did in the age before cell phones. So that we never forget.

“You have to have it,” I overheard a teenage daughter explain to her father, about the new Apple phone that got launched in a live event that rivals a Rolling Stones concert or a Narendra Modi rally (increasingly almost the same thing because both are equally likely to sell out Madison Square Garden).

“I don’t understand a telephone that’s Rs 65,000,” was the response from the curmudgeon father who had not caught up with the smartphone wave that is now more necessary for Indian teenagers than water, food or an education.

The hapless father reasoned: “They just give the thing an additional alphabet or number like a C or an S or a 6 and charge you double. It’s still a phone. MTNL gives them for free. They don’t make them larger and call them the MTNL plus and charge them a middle-class Indian household income.”

Read it here:,-socialist,-secular-iPhone-republic

On the Nonsense done during Teachers Day

As I was preparing for my new show, The Empire, I happened to find myself at a fancy dress shop in South Mumbai looking for a sepoy uniform. That’s unfortunate in and of itself but I saw something even more unfortunate than that. The shop seemed to be mostly exporters of nonsense costume things ‒ a Phantom costume, Mangal Pandey’s moustache, a pig’s head made of soft fluffy cotton, freedom fighter whites.

Read more here:,-forget-the-roses.-Give-your-teacher-a-bottle-of-whisky/


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