For, India’s Last week

Attention, world: India has arrived on Mars
Also featuring: Federer Photoshopped and dhoklas in DC.

We sent a mission to Mars. Naturally, there was a collective thrill, as a nation, that we’d succeeded. One of the few countries in the world to have a Mars mission etc. But it appeared that the core of that joy was in the idea that it was the cheapest Mars mission ever done. So cheap in fact that Martians on landing inquired how we got there so quickly, and could we help them with an inter-galactic autorickshaw because they’d quite like to visit Jupiter using their discount vouchers.

Jugaad, our invented economic technique of last-minute organising, the heart of any Indian even- management company, was thrown about by the media as one of the key achievements of this Mars mission. I’m not sure how jugaad worked in this case unless en route, the Orbiter passed other space stations and said, “Hey you using this spare part? Can I take it?” and fitted it on itself. Not to mention that last-minute organising of stuff and space travel should perhaps not be spoken of together as a good thing. There aren’t that many times you’ll hear NASA or ISRO say, “So we had this space craft heading out tomorrow and we had no engine, my Head Of Department was tied up at wedding, we thought, what should we do, so we took this Maruti Suzuki engine and this Hero Honda steering…”

Read more, here:,-world:-India-has-arrived-on-Mars


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