Show for The National Academy of Administration – October 2nd

Was quite lucky to spend Gandhi and Shastri’s birthdays doing a show for future bureaucrats, magistrates, police commissioners, Intelligence chiefs, Ambassadors etc. at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration in Missoorie, the place where future pillars of the Indian civil service, our bureaucrats, come to become civil servants. And realize governing India is a even harder than passing the IAS exam.

Behind me, are Gandhi, Shastri, Patel and others, not exactly the sort of back-drop you usually get for a stand up show, so quite intimidating to have India’s big leaders keeping an eye.

Was lovely. I don’t know what a comedian has to say about the governance of India to future secretaries and joint secretaries, but great to see that we all share a vision of a similar kind of country- one where our children have a future, education is abundant, the forests are vibrant, people can earn a living,we clean after ourselves, there are roads and power and equality and hope. And we do this all without taking ourselves too seriously.



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