I’m producing a comedy night of really funny people- Cafe Nemo, Worli Mumbai, Nov 21st.

There’s something I wanted to share. As a comedian, one is always on the road doing shows and not being able to do the one thing that makes a comedian, a comedian. Watching and enjoying stand-up comedy. I’ve always felt the life of a comedian is one of waiting- for planes, backstage, for cars, in some lonely dark corridor and then in front of lots of people working out the mechanics of old and new stories. What it doesn’t allow one to do is enjoy the stories and laugh at them. It doesn’t allow one to become something one began with that inspired the whole thing in the first place- just a guy in the audience laughing.

So for a while, I took some time off to be that guy in the audience. I went around and saw some comedians, young comedians doing brilliant stuff. Just to see what was out there very different from everything else. These aren’t guys I saw on the regular shows, or in the corporate shows or in the sketch videos with millions of hits. I didn’t hear the usual our politicians are nuts because, our PM is x or y, Bollywood is stupid for this or that reason or sex innuendo jokes.
(For full disclosure, I do all the above in my shows).
These weren’t those guys. They were just really funny people saying really funny things in an awkward way. About simple everyday stuff. And we laughed a lot. And Homegrown India, Nevil Timbadia Saumya Khona and I said, let’s produce a comedy night so Bombay gets to see these brilliant talented people. We wondered what would we call it. They said, ‘Well we feel they are really funny people,
so let’s just call it, um,
They Are Really Funny People.’

We’re hoping you join us. Friday Night in Worli. We think these guys are great. Kunaal Roy Kapur, a very funny man is headlining with the oddest funniest anecdotes I’ve ever heard. We hope you like them too.

Every other part of the world they have an underground comedy circuit. Sometimes literally, in a basement (Comedy Cellar in NYC for example, or The Comedy Store in London). A place where you have a few drinks and come to listen to stories you won’t in the massive big shows. This is an attempt to be that. We hope you like it.

I’ll be hosting.VeryFunny


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