Interview with The Hindu newspaper


Their shortcut to stardom

Anuvab Pal and Rajiv Rajaram on how the Internet has taken their brand of humour places

Have you ever thought of the Internet as the Wild Wild West? That would make the content creators, including All India Bakchod, The Viral Fever, Kanan Gill, Being Indian and city-based channel Put Chutney, the raiders. “We are going to get as much real estate as possible, and then pray to god there is petrol beneath,” laughs Rajiv Rajaram, creative director, Put Chutney. Anuvab Pal, writer of the cult comedy film, Loins of Punjab Presents, the play Chaos Theory and the hilarious YouTube video Tinder in India, nods in agreement. “I’m late to the whole online medium… while I was on the road — Cambridge, New York, Austin, Dubai — performing comedy, All India Bakchod was formed. They didn’t travel much; they just put up their content on the Internet for the world to see.”


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