Comedy Writing Class- 18th and 19th November – 2015

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Forbes India Celebrity 100 Nominee List

UPFRONT/SPECIAL | Nov 4, 2015 | 12291 views

Forbes India Celebrity 100 Nominees List for 2015

Who is the biggest Indian celebrity in 2015? Will Salman Khan continue his reign at the top? Will Shah Rukh Khan manage to wrest the top slot that he held for two consecutive years before that? Or will a cricketer finally trounce an actor to be ranked No 1?

Your questions will be answered on December 11, when Forbes India publishes its fourth annual edition on the

Celebrity 100

In India, entertainment is often synonymous with Bollywood and, sure enough, our list will reflect this bias. But you will also find some regional celebrities in the mix as well as stars from the small screen, which has thrown up big money through popular serials and reality shows.

But it’s not just about money. We also tabulate fame quotient to ensure we have a balanced and objective ranking of celebrities.

Before we publish our final list of 100, here is our long list.

Forbes India has tied up with a whole battery of partners to generate this Celebrity 100 list. Our principal data partners for Celebrity 100 List of 2015 are LexisNexis® , Exceed Entertainment, IOS Sports & Entertainment, Galatta,TAM-Eikona and GroupM ESP.

At the same time,, and Nielsen BookScan have lent enormous support to this list. To help raise the bar on compliance and rigour in the methodology.

But you should not feel left out of the process. You can see below the full list of celebrities who are being considered for the final 100, and if you want to suggest additions or deletions, please mail us before November 15, 2015.

On December 11, 2015, the final list and a copy of Forbes India’s special Celeb edition will be released.

• Abish Mathew • Aditi Mittal • East India Comedy • Anuvab Pal • Aparna Nancherla • Appurv Gupta • All India Bakchod • Atul Khatri • Biswa Kalyan Rath • Kanan Gill • Neeti Palta • Papa CJ • Praveen Kumar • Vipul Goyal • Vir Das • Chandan Prabhakar • The Comedy Factory • SnG Comedy

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Have you ever thought of the Internet as the Wild Wild West? That would make the content creators, including All India Bakchod, The Viral Fever, Kanan Gill, Being Indian and city-based channel Put Chutney, the raiders. “We are going to get as much real estate as possible, and then pray to god there is petrol beneath,” laughs Rajiv Rajaram, creative director, Put Chutney. Anuvab Pal, writer of the cult comedy film, Loins of Punjab Presents, the play Chaos Theory and the hilarious YouTube video Tinder in India, nods in agreement. “I’m late to the whole online medium… while I was on the road — Cambridge, New York, Austin, Dubai — performing comedy, All India Bakchod was formed. They didn’t travel much; they just put up their content on the Internet for the world to see.”


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